Over the last two decades or so, advances in technology have afforded businesses the ability to operate in ways that at one time were unimaginable.  In some respects we’ve even become spoiled, expecting flawless integrations and interoperability between the platforms and tools that are central to the way that we operate.

There are critical inflection points along the way that help to accelerate the pace at which these innovations come to market and are adopted by the masses.  It goes without saying that the pandemic is one of those critical points in time that has completely upended the way that work is done.

We’ve long been on a path towards work from anywhere ultimately becoming the standard by which most companies and job functions operate.  But as we’ve said before, the pandemic has shifted the timeline of this dramatically.  In short, the future of work is now the present, and with many companies realizing that with 2020 in the rearview, it’s time to put into place real solutions that enable your business to achieve the same — or dare we say, better — operational efficiencies, effectiveness, and security afforded by the in-office experience that most businesses were quietly comfortable with until the pandemic changed everything.

This all starts with a change of thinking.  We often compare it to how companies adopted SaaS + cloud technologies en masse over the last decade.  Realizing what it allowed them to do, companies totally rethought everything that they had previously accepted as truth; starting with the purchasing cycle, then deployments, then using them as standalone products, then integrating them across their workflows.

Securing a mobile workforce today and into the future requires a similar type of mind shift.  If your business survived 2020, there’s never a better time than now to start rethinking what tools and technologies you could deploy that will allow the previously mentioned operational efficiencies, effectiveness, and security in the here and now, wading into the future.

We’ve been quite careful not to position Magic Desk purely as a remote work enablement solution for would-be clients.  Part of that is rooted in the functionality of what we provide, as the solution works equally well irrespective of physical location or device.  But to address the questions that many businesses are asking themselves today, it might be time to change that stance.

Let’s distill the functionality of our solution down to the most simple of terms:

IT should be a function of your business that “just works”.  It’s supposed to be an enabler, not a roadblock in how you and your team get work done and deliver value back to your clients.

Broadening the scope a bit, we can say:

Magic Desk ensures that the right people have the right access to the right “things” (data, applications, etc.) in order to perform their role from any location and device.

And lastly…

We do this in a way that’s made for your business.  We’re firm believers in the notion that businesses are like fingerprints, with no two organizations being exactly the same.  This white glove approach coupled with transparent, clear and concise pricing methodology creates an environment where clients achieve professionalized IT that works, is secure, hits all the regulatory compliance check boxes should they apply, and is affordable and predictable in nature.

Sound interesting?  Feel like this is the missing piece of allowing your business to truly thrive in the very real environment that we’re all facing?  If so, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Send us a note to: hello@magicdesk.io and a member of our team will be happy to assist.