Who We Are

MagicDesk is a team of seasoned IT professionals and entrepreneurs who in many ways are a lot like the clients we serve.

We understand the challenges of running a business and partner with companies of different shapes and sizes to handle IT in a meaningful and effective way.

We don’t have a board or investors and as a result, can operate purely in the best interests of the clients we serve.

The world is changing rapidly and MagicDesk is built to directly reflect the needs of a modern business.

Security can’t take a back seat. With information being the currency of our time, malicious threats are more prevalent than ever before. Flexibility and cost containment shouldn’t come at the cost of security. Employees need to be able to access their workstations from anywhere; home, a café, an airport, you name it, without compromising security.

Given all the uncertainties, the last thing you should be worried about is your IT infrastructure and remote access. Let us help you minimize your cost and remove your worries, because it’s always best to focus on core competencies and outsource everything else!